PEO Leadership has been helping CEOs and their executives realize their personal, organizational and growth objectives for over 25 years. Our leadership community includes the leaders of some of Canada’s best managed businesses and the world’s most recognizable brands.


Each leader will be assigned to a peer advisory board based on their role, responsibilities, ownership structure and size. The peer advisory boards will be assembled so there are no competitors nor any economic dependence between organizations. Group size will vary between 8 and 12 participants and everyone will be required to sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA).

The Executive Advisors who will be running these advisory boards are recognized as some of the top facilitators and business advisors in North America. Please take a look at our Executive Advisor profiles HERE

Companies must have revenue between $2MM and $5MM to qualify for our Small Business Groups. Our larger entrepreneurial and Multinational organizations have no revenue limits.

These groups will meet 6 times every other week for 2 hours over approximately 60 days.

Each member will have the opportunity to meet one on one with their Executive Advisor to develop a road map of what success looks like. This road map leverages our holistic approach to leadership which includes looking at your business, health, wealth, family/relationships and career (if applicable).

Additional Benefits:

  • Complimentary invitations for the leader and anyone within their organization to participate in both our member only and wider community Live Webcast Events. At this time, we are running The Way Forward Live Webcasts on member-interest subjects on a weekly basis. Please take a look at our Events page HERE
  • Access to our PEO Marketplace where members are permitted to create special offers to support each other during this crisis.
  • Access to our Educational Partners providing support to all our members throughout the year. These partners include Cleveland Clinic, Aird & Berlis, RSM Canada and Focus Asset Management.


Cost of Program:

Unlike any of our competitors – we’ve set this 60-day trial membership program at no cost. We are interested in giving back to the broader business community at this time by providing access to our core expertise and the wisdom of our leadership community. There is one caveat that deals with ensuring your participation at each session. Although we stated the fee is nil, you will be charged $1,200 up front, which will be refunded at the end of the 60-day period. For each meeting you miss, you will forgive $200 that will be donated to a local food bank of our choice. I truly believe this offer is totally reasonable – for this to work, it requires active participation by everyone involved.

To explore this opportunity, please connect with Kelly May at kmay@peo.net.

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