Web Conference Tutorial & Remote Working Best Practices

Prepared by PEO Leadership

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Event Type
COVID-19 Series
Date & Time
March 16, 2020
Toronto, Ontario

Since many of us are now practicing self-distancing, we are forced to use technology to interact with one another. Below are two presentations that you may find helpful.

This presentation is a tutorial on how to use Zoom (https://zoom.us/) Video/Web Conferencing software. Click here for PEO Leadership Tutorial on using Zoom Video/Web Conferencing Software

This presentation showcases some best practices in working remotely: Click here for: PEO Leadership Working Remotely Best Practices

Feel free to reach out to Kelly May at kmay@peo.net or 416-637-0299 ext 222 for more information or if you would like help with your teleconferencing needs.

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