The Importance of a stewardship role beyond business.

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On June 17th, PEO Leadership and RSM Canada will welcome Patrick Pichette, former CFO of Google Global, who has over 25 years of leadership expertise with outstanding results. Connect with your PEO Leadership Community and hear Patrick Pichette share his top ten reflections on leadership across three domains:

• Leading with an intention to scale global ideas and companies
• Moving forward with an understanding of key trends that are both exciting and terrifying
• Reinforcing the importance of a stewardship role beyond business

For Patrick, these endeavors go hand-in-hand-in-hand, each giving more lift to the other. Come with an active mind and lots of questions.

Patrick Pichette

Patrick Pichette has 25+ years of financial and operating expertise at an exceptional level. He has led world-class companies like Google, McKinsey, and Sprint Canada to break through the complexities of hyper growth, and to execute large, transformative programs.
In his time at Google, he oversaw finance and most corporate functions – he took an active part in the creation of the Alphabet structure and was actively involved in Google’s extensive corporate M&A agenda – including close to 200 acquisitions. Some of the larger acquisitions included Nest ($3B) & Motorola ($13B).
In addition to leading all accounting and financial matters at Google, his responsibilities also included all worldwide functions for Real Estate, Employee Services, People Operations, Transport,, Google Fiber, Security, Economics and Business Operations.
Since his departure from Google in 2015, Patrick continued to stay active in the business community as a board member of Bombardier through its latest restructuring, and also more recently at Twitter. In addition, he serves as an investor, and advisor/board member to a number of startups around the world, including Zoona (Sub Saharan Africa), OkHi (Kenya), Boosted Boards (Mountain View), and Arctoris (UK), among others. He is also currently an investor and partner of Kenauk Nature, one of North America’s largest private ecological reserves, a fish and game reserve boasting more than 30 lakes within its borders.
Patrick graduated with a MA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford in 1989 and with a BBA from UQAM in 1987. He received numerous awards over his career including Order of Quebec (2015), Silicon Valley’s CFO of the year (2015), Rhodes Scholar (Oxford), Procter and Gamble Scholar (UQAM).

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