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PEO Leadership has been the destination for business leaders for almost 30 years. We bring leaders together to discuss relevant issues, find solutions to complex problems, and explore new opportunities for growth and development.

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Our PEO Executive Advisors facilitate discussions to leverage the collective experience, creativity, intellect, and wisdom of the PEO community.

We are dedicated to helping our members excel with all aspects of their daily lives such as health, wealth, career, personal relationships, and business.

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Member Testimonials

Les Mandelbaum
Co-Founder and President, Umbra

“I am the President, CEO and Founder of two very different but very active and growing companies. I also have an active and still growing family as well as outside interests such as sports and music. I have no time to waste. I am especially hard on what I perceive as solicitations. Many years ago when the receptionist told me that Leon Goren would like to see me, although he did get my name from an acquaintance, my main goal was to get rid of him as quickly as possible. Now here I am giving a testimonial to an organization of which I am one of the longest active members of. How did this happen? One of the skills most entrepreneurs must have is quick instincts – with products and people. I sensed Leon Goren and the organization he represented, PEO, to be of great value. I have never been disappointed. Every meeting and every speaker I have taken away at least one valuable lesson. Leon and his team have also provided key value by coaching my staff in ways I could not, and even helping me set up and lead my Advisory Board. Thank you Leon and PEO!”


Beena Goldenberg
President, Hain Celestial Group Canada

“I initially joined PEO to support my onboarding as I was moving into a CEO role and also as a way to expand my local peer network since my business takes me around North America with little time to network back home. I have no problem stating that I have since benefited greatly from my involvement in more ways than I had initially envisioned; from clever business ideas, reliable tips on suppliers or consultants, finding new hires and, last but not least, in my personal growth. I believe that being a PEO member has helped me become a well-rounded leader and after 9 years, I’m still excited to find out how my peers manage to grow their businesses, steer their organizations through difficult situations or flourish in a career move they had first dreaded making. Seeing how invaluable it has been to me, I have often referenced PEO with acquaintances over the years and I’m happy to do it again in this format.”

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