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Since 1991, PEO Leadership has been supporting, cultivating & accelerating business leaders to increase both their leadership abilities and their organization's value.

It doesn't need to be lonely at the top . . .

We're in the business of enabling leaders to recognize their potential by challenging their thinking and connecting them to the right relationships.

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PEO Leadership has been the destination for business leaders for almost 30 years.

Our exclusive Executive Leadership Community provides a safe environment where business leaders can let their guard down and discuss important issues, challenges and opportunities from a holistic perspective. PEO Leadership provides its Community the ability to leverage its collective knowledge, experience and network; to challenge and be challenged in a high disclosure, objective and trusted environment.

Unique in our holistic approach to leadership, the PEO Leadership Plan covers the five main aspects of a leader’s success – Business, Health, Wealth, Family and Relationships effectively changing the way business is done by changing the way leaders lead.



While leaders share the same qualities and mindset, leadership can be quite diverse depending on the type of organization they lead.  We have six distinct categories in order to acclimate your individual situation.

Presidents/C-Suite Executives
Global Leadership Group
Small Business Entrepreneurs
Senior Executives Accelerator Group
Med-Large Business Entrepreneurs
Business in Transition

Our PEO Executive Advisors facilitate discussions to leverage the collective experience, creativity, intellect, and wisdom of the PEO community.

We are dedicated to helping our members excel with all aspects of their daily lives such as health, wealth, career, personal relationships, and business.

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How PEO helped

Les Mandelbaum
President and Co-Founder, Umbra

“I am one of the longest active members of PEO Leadership. One of the skills most entrepreneurs have is quick instincts – with products and people. I sensed Leon Goren and PEO Leadership, to be of great value. From each meeting & speaker I have taken away at least one valuable lesson. Leon and his team have also provided key value by coaching my staff in ways I could not, and even helping me set up and lead my Advisory Board.

Tim Collins
President, Stafflink Solutions

“PEO has been an essential part of my growth strategy ever since Leon Goren introduced me to PEO shortly after I founded Stafflink. Since then, Leon and my Peer Advisory Board members have mentored me through 14 years of increasing profitability. Where else can you meet over 100 leaders of Toronto-based companies in a relaxed atmosphere that makes it easy to ask questions and learn? PEO is much more than an executive networking group. The members of my Peer Advisory Board are an instrumental part of Stafflink’s success. We share best practices, learn and help one another when things become difficult. My group challenges and inspires me to achieve goals that are beyond what I could achieve without them.”

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