Our Executive Advisors

PEO’s Executive Advisors are exceptional business leaders who have achieved major success throughout their careers. Although they come from various backgrounds, from entrepreneurial to multinational corporate, they all share our values. Each of these highly skilled and robust leaders has implemented positive change and has a record of strong accomplishments throughout their careers. Because of their vast business experience, they are exceptionally positioned to facilitate the successful completion of your unique leadership journey.

Our Executive Advisors have implemented positive change and achieved major accomplishments throughout their career. This is why their experience makes them the ideal advisor to guide you through your leadership journey. This includes:

One on one Coaching
Accelerating PEO members on their leadership journey by providing honest, wise, objective and direct advice.
Professional Facilitation
Facilitating the Peer Advisory Board meetings so that all members extract the most benefit from each session.
Member to Community Connections
Facilitating strategic and beneficial introductions between members, partner organizations and PEO’s Leadership Community at large.

The PEO Advantage is unlike any other

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