Core Differentiators

Peer Advisor Boards

Escape the fog of company politics and get clear, unbiased and objective advice from like-minded peers with no hidden agenda. Upon joining PEO Leadership, you will be assigned to a specific group of successful business leaders who form your personal Peer Advisory Board.

Similar to the care and attention that is given to selecting your Executive Advisor, we take great care in providing you with a group that is best suited to your needs and aspirations. PEO Leadership provides a safe and highly confidential environment, where your Executive Advisor facilitates stimulating and astute dialogue to leverage the collective wisdom, creativity and intellect of every member in the Peer Advisory Board. You will connect with experienced executives from non-competing organizations and have thought-provoking discussions that will empower you to strategically solve your problems, realize opportunities and accelerate business growth by leveraging the knowledge and multiple perspectives of your peers.

Each board is assembled to ensure a diverse leadership group with the capabilities to assist each other. The diversity and chemistry of each Peer Advisory Board is absolutely critical and something that is not taken lightly.

PEO Leadership Community

We make connections happen across the entire organization. When you join the PEO Leadership Community, you can expect to leverage the collective wisdom of the entire organization.

The PEO Leadership Team and our Executive Advisors operate as a tight knit unit that delivers intimate and customized services across the board. We collaborate and brainstorm on strategies that will benefit the entire PEO Leadership Community – not just an individual Peer Advisory Board. We are constantly on the lookout on how we can benefit each member, what connections may fulfill a need or create opportunities.

Being part of PEO Leadership’s Community enables our members to have immediate access to an extensive network of successful business leaders and privileges not available anywhere else. We realize that the right business and social network is critical to accelerating leadership growth and generating results. At PEO leadership, we encourage and facilitate connections that extend beyond a leader’s traditional social, business vertical or industry – coupled with the right learning interactions and experiences to turbo-charge our member’s ability to think-outside-the-box and achieve their goals.

Strategic Educational Partners

At PEO, we pride ourselves on our partnerships and trusted networks. We believe in collaborating with reputable industry leaders and organizations that bring value to our Leadership Community as well as embody our principles and commitment to best business practices. We have aligned ourselves with trusted partner organizations that specialize in each of the Five Key Elements of Success to provide our members with the holistic support they need to reach their full potential.

  • Wealth: Living to work or working to live?
  • Health: Access, knowledge, pro-active care enabling optimal health.
  • Legal: Shareholder disputes, employee issues, M&A.

If you are interested in becoming a PEO Leadership Educational Partner, please contact us at or 416-637-0299.

Strategic Business Tools & IP

At PEO, we have a variety of strategic business tools that further assist our members in their leadership trajectory. From diagnostics that assess your organization’s current state of affairs and leadership comparative analyses, to road maps to outlining milestones to achieving your short and long term goals within our Five Key Elements of Success.

These tools allow our members and their Executive Advisors to measure their progress from start to finish. PEO Leadership’s objective is to support you in understanding your goals, to provide you with the knowledge, advice and network to accelerate your trajectory and keep you focused on your road-map to success.

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Career
  • Personal relationships
  • Business

PEO Leadership’s objective is to support you in understanding your goals, to provide you with the knowledge, advice and network to accelerate your trajectory and keep you focused on your roadmap to success.

Annual Member Conference & Thought Leadership Events

Our Annual Leadership Conference is a two-day, members-only, event that connects the entire PEO Leadership Community while providing a line-up of world renowned speakers, workshops, experiential activities and entertainment. Our members enjoy a balance of executive networking opportunities and thought provoking presentations, coupled with fantastic food at an exquisite location. The conference schedule is complete with an exciting range of activities including fine dining, live music,executive networking opportunities , and some of today’s experts in leadership and performance. Over the years, our members have ranked the PEO Annual Leadership Conference at 4.9 out of 5.0 for value and experience.

PEO’s Eye Of The Executive Series is a sequence of member-only events that take place throughout the year. They include keynote speakers who deliver presentations that are both insightful and educational on a variety of topics that are beneficial to PEO’s Leadership Community. We complete each event with a fellowship reception where PEO members connect with leaders outside of their Peer Advisory Boards.

We ensure that PEO Leadership events are a place where our members convene to connect, think and grow as well as to rejuvenate and have fun!

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