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The Senior Leadership Group (SLG) drives personal, professional and organizational growth objectives. It addresses the key issues of talent retention and acquisition; succession planning of your organization; diversity and inclusion; as well as the strategy and vision of an organization that wants to get the most from their leadership team.

We have a history of more than 25 years of helping leaders develop their own skills and capacity to drive the performance and growth of their organizations. For many years, we worked exclusively with the Presidents and CEOs of some of the most influential companies in the world. In the past couple of years, those same leaders asked us to develop and harness our history and proprietary leadership tools to create a model for their upcoming leaders to enable them to succeed.

Membership Highlights

  • Highly experienced leadership/ business coaches who know how to get the best out of people and how to operate a successful and profitable business.
  • Carefully selected Peer Advisory Board best suited to achieve your professional and personal goals & objectives. Your group will meet in person during regularly scheduled meetings every other month.
  • Dedicated One-on-One coaching with your Executive Advisor every other month.
  • Introduction and access to PEO Leadership’s large network of Global business Leaders.
  • Proprietary tools and programs: Life GPS Mapping and Gap Analysis Calibrating developed by PEO Leadership that, in collaboration with your Executive Advisor, will be undertaken annually.
  • Leadership Profiling and Bench-marking that accelerates you towards your goals and objectives.
  • Eye of the Executive Leadership Events and The Way Forward Webcast Series, featuring some of North Americas recognized Thought Leaders.
  • Mini Retreat together with your Peer Advisory Group giving each member an opportunity to take a deep dive examination of your personal and professional blueprint.
  • Annual Conference exclusive to the PEO Leadership Community including world renowned speakers, various leadership exercises, experiential programs and social activities.

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Why PEO Leadership is the right fit.

We’re in the business of enabling leaders to recognize their potential by challenging their thinking and connecting them to the right relationships. We utilize a holistic approach centered around our Five Key Elements of Success to achieve your goals and objectives for leadership excellence. These key elements include: health, wealth, career, personal relationships, and business.

Our mission is to support, cultivate and accelerate the leadership excellence of successful business executives. We help them impact the organizations they lead, the communities they serve, and the lives they live through our core methodology of CONNECT, THINK, GROW.

To understand if PEO Leadership is a good fit for you, ask yourself:

  • Are you able to CONNECT with leaders who are successful and driven? Do you have an appetite for continuous learning and development?
  • Are you able to THINK with like-minded leaders where you and your peers can challenge each other to solve existing issues and explore new ideas and opportunities?
  • Are you willing to GROW by challenging yourself and leveraging the experience and wisdom of your peers and PEO Leadership’s Executive Advisors?



  • What is PEO Leadership?

    PEO Leadership is an Executive Leadership Community that is the destination where business leaders connect, think and grow. Since our inception in 1991, we have been the Leadership Peer Advisory firm that enables executives to accelerate their success path and that of their respective organizations by empowering them to realize their maximum potential both professionally and personally.

    It doesn’t need to be lonely at the top; we provide a safe environment where business leaders can let their guard down and discuss important issues, challenges and opportunities from a holistic perspective. PEO Leadership provides its Community the ability to leverage its collective knowledge, experience and network; to challenge and be challenged in a high disclosure, objective and trusted environment through a combination of Peer Advisory Boards, One-on-One Coaching, and Thought Leadership Executive Networking Events – all for the purpose of enhancing the personal and professional lives of its members. Unique in our holistic approach to leadership, the PEO Leadership Plan covers the five main aspects of a leader’s success – Business, Health, Wealth, Family and Relationships effectively changing the way business is done by changing the way leaders lead.

  • What is the profile of a PEO Leadership Member ?

    We exclusively work with business leaders who embody our Member Profile. These individuals exemplify core values of respect, integrity and confidentiality. They are committed to continuous personal development and lifelong learning. They are willing to receive input and to learn from others. Our members are open to their ideas being constructively challenged, as well as embrace dialogue and brainstorming as a leadership tool. These business leaders recognize the immense value of connecting and developing relationships with other leaders.

  • What are the Criteria to become an SLG Member?

    Each of our Members regardless of the Group they qualify for have these expectations of them:

    • Responsibilities include the financial performance of the Company and/or division.
    • Core Values include: Respect, Integrity and Confidentiality.
    • Life-long learner, committed to materially improving the success of their lives, their families, their communities and their organizations.


    Senior Leadership Accelerator Group  Differentiating Criteria:

    • Career oriented
    • Driven by personal and professional growth
    • High potential leader on a succession path
    • Employed by a national or multi-national mid to large sized corporate business
    • Current title of Senior Director or higher
    • Leads a team with direct reports
    • May already run a  stand-alone business unit
    • Has the potential to run the business
    • Ideally come from sales, marketing, operations or finance
  • How does PEO Leadership select what Peer Advisory Board their members are placed in?

    When selecting which Peer Advisory Board a new member will be placed into, the PEO Leadership Team and the member will review the chemistry and makeup of the board. Two main elements that drive the final decision process are considered:

    * What can the new member contribute to the Advisory Board?
    * Are there members in that group who can contribute to the success of this new member?

    PEO’s Leadership Team has a thorough understanding of the composition of each Peer Advisory Board; whether they are entrepreneurial, corporate, owned or managed, family multi-generational, what industries the members belong to, what the group dynamic is – these are just a few components of the complexities of a group. Each of these key attributes is considered to ensure that we are maximizing the chances of enabling our members to realize their individual goals and objectives.

  • What does PEO Leadership do to ensure privacy for its members?

    Privacy is of the utmost importance to PEO Leadership. Our members are sharing extremely private matters with the Executive Advisors and their Peer Advisory Boards. Everyone is required to sign a non-disclosure agreement upon joining the organization.  An individual will be removed from their Advisory Board and further action may be taken if there has been a breach of our Code of Conduct around privacy. There are no exceptions.

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