Dealing with Stress & Anxiety during the COVID-19 Crisis

Join us for a conversation with Arden O'Connor

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Way Forward Webcast Series
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April 9 @ 10:00 AM EST

The COVID-19 crisis has proven to be extremely stressful and very different than any other significant event anyone in our generation has experienced because:

  • of its global reach
  • the life and health risks associated with it
  • of how sudden and rapidly evolving it has been
  • its hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel
  • we are required to isolate ourselves from friends and extended family
  • the battle between key values of human life versus economic stability
  • information about it is highly variable and different people process it differently

As a result of these factors, mental health can quickly degenerate if we do not take care of ourselves. Arden O’Connor, founder of O’Connor Professional Group, will provide tools and resources to maintain a good mental health and deal with the anxiety that the COVID-19 crisis has brought forth.

For a recording of the webcast please visit our COVID-19 Resource Centre by clicking here.

Arden will speak to us on the following topics:
Overcoming stress and anxiety of COVID-19
Dealing with isolation and loneliness
Overall mental health
Arden O’Connor
O’Connor Professional Group

Arden O’Connor founded the O’Connor Professional Group to address the needs of families and individuals struggling with an array of behavioral health issues, including addiction, mental health disorders, eating disorders, learning, and other developmental challenges. With several relatives in recovery, Arden is passionate about helping families and individuals navigate the highly fragmented treatment system in a way that creates positive outcomes and allows families to heal. Arden is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Business School. She remains heavily involved in community activities, as a board member of Winsor School Corporation, Collaboration for Family Flourishing, Massachusetts Association of Mental Health, and Attorneys for Family Held Enterprises. Previously, she served as a board member for the Justice Resource Institute (former chair), C4 Recovery Solutions, Harvard Club of Boston, Victory Programs, and Harvard Business School Alumni Association of Boston. She maintains professional affiliations with the following organizations: Boston Estate Planning Council, Worthy Circles and Family Firm Institute.

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