Where are we going with Residential Real Estate valuations in the coming months?

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Way Forward Webcast Series
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April 17 @11:00AM EST

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The unexpected emergence of the COVID-19 crisis has taken everyone by surprise – affecting every country, every industry, every market. So with all the recent developments of the COVID-19 crisis and the measures governments are taking to mitigate loss of life, where does that leave the residential real estate market?

Hunter Milbourne, nationally recognized authority in residential real estate will discuss the following:
What does the residential real estate market in Toronto look like 6 – 9 months from now?
If you were thinking of selling this spring, should you be reconsidering?
If you’re a buyer and/or investor in Toronto when do you jump in?
What does the rental market look like in the next year?
Where will we be 3 to 5 years from now in terms of pricing?
Hunter Milborne
President & CEO
Milborne Group

Hunter Milborne is nationally recognized as the “Dean of Condos” by Canadian Business Magazine. Through his firm, Milborne Real Estate Inc., Mr. Milborne has been personally responsible for the marketing and sales of over $25 billion in properties, having sold over 100,000 units. With over 38 years of experience, Mr. Milborne is well known for his entrepreneurial style, creative problem solving and innovative market penetration strategies.

Milborne Real Estate has served hundreds of clients on a range of projects, from vacation homes to high-density multi-use developments in locations around the world. Selling more than 700 developments since its inception, Milborne Real Estate continues to hold a 12-15% market share in Toronto in an industry with over 1000 competing companies.

The high measure of his success is evident in the large volume of repeat business secured, due to Mr. Milborne’s expert guidance. He has firmly established Milborne Real Estate as the most dominant force in Canadian condominium marketing.

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