Which attitudes & values are changing for your customers, & how should you respond?

Join us for a conversation with Joe Jackman & Stefan Read

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Way Forward Webcast Series
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June 18 @11:00AM EST

Despite what Instagram would have you believe, not everyone is responding to COVID-19 by taking up baking. Different people are reacting differently to the crisis. As businesses start to re-open, it’s critical to see beyond the general trends and understand what has changed with your particular customer. In our The Way Forward Webcast on June 18th, Joe Jackman, strategy and customer engagement expert and founder of Jackman Reinvents, alongside his VP of Engagements, Stefan Read, will reveal the insights from a comprehensive study of 5,000 consumers to answer the question: Which attitudes and values are changing for your customers, and how should you respond? This interactive discussion will arm business leaders with the tools needed to dig deep with customers and focus on what they care most about now – preparing you to come out of this stronger.


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Joe Jackman and Stefan Read will provide the following main take-aways for this session:
Insight into which attitudes and values are changing for your target customer as a result of the crisis.
Understanding of how to build engagement with your customers now, and set yourself up for relevance after the crisis.
Recommended tactics to execute now to help you come out of this stronger.
Joe Jackman & Stefan Read
Founder/CEO & VP of Engagements
Jackman Reinvents

Joe Jackman Founder & CEO, Jackman Reinvents, Author, Keynote Speaker

Joe Jackman is the CEO of Jackman Reinvents, the world’s first and foremost customer engagement reinvention company. An advisor to consumer brands, retailers, B2B companies, and private equity partners for more than thirty years, Jackman has proven invaluable to leaders intent on sharpening strategy and orchestrating insight-led reinventions of their businesses. Throughout his career as strategist, creative director, marketer, and Reinventionist, he has helped companies create the most powerful and relevant versions of their brands and businesses in record time; he is widely considered to be the leading expert on rapid reinvention. In January 2020, Joe released his first book, The Reinventionist Mindset: Learning to Love Change and the Human How of Doing It Brilliantly. In it, Jackman traces his journey to becoming a reinventionist, and shows readers how to create purposeful change. Joe lives in Toronto, Canada; works across North America; and lectures around the globe.

Stefan Read, VP Engagements, Jackman Reinvents

With deep expertise in research, customer insight, and strategy Stefan is a trusted advisor to senior leaders through strategy development and making change happen. Stefan has over a decade of management consulting experience and is an expert in consumer engagement in retail, media, and B2B industries. In addition to leading client engagements directly, Stefan has responsibility for Thought Leadership and guiding the customer engagement reinvention process for Jackman.

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