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PEO Leadership Launches our Senior Leadership Accelerator Program

June 21, 2018 by Leon Goren

Take your leadership to the next level through the Senior Leadership Group. This custom experience accelerates your leadership growth and drives success for both you and your organization.

Participating in the Senior Leadership Accelerator Program benefits your organization by:

• Arming future leaders with the knowledge and capabilities to build a stronger team and manage the team successfully.
• Bringing new strategies and ideas to the organization to support growth.
• Exposing your leaders to other successful leaders, their ideas and experiences.
• Supporting your leaders with opportunities to build strong business acumen.
•Adding to your organizations leadership depth.

PEO Leadership is an organization that supports your development. It is not focused on theories, tests or modules, but rather on getting you to the next level. Since 1991, PEO Leadership has cultivated and accelerated our members’ leadership excellence to achieve great impact through the organizations they work in, the communities they serve, and the lives they live. Our powerful combination of business and leadership advisory services, peer-to-peer advisory team support, and proprietary leadership development programs provide our members with a unique offering recognized as best in class in the market – all in one spot.

PEO leadership works with organizations spanning consumer packaged goods, financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers, technology companies as well as PR and advertising agencies. We continue to partner with each of our CEO members as they continue to develop and finesse their own leadership styles. We’ve developed the Senior Leadership Group by harnessing our history and our model to take you to the next level.


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