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Distinguished Speakers

Jessica Holmes
Comedian, Entertainer
Ron Tite
Marketing, Branding and Creativity Expert
Tiffani Bova
Future of Growth Strategist & Customer Experience Expert, Author
Bill Taylor
Award Winning Author and Entrepreneur
Prof. Janice Gross Stein
Founding Director of the Munk School of Global Affairs
Dr Carlos Davidovich
Executive Coach in Neuromanagement
Amber Mac
Bestselling Author, TV Host & Tech Expert
David Seigel
CEO at Meetup, Specialist in digital media, subscriptions and e-commerce
Jacqueline Carter
Mindfulness, Leadership & Corporate Culture Expert
JP Pawliw-Fry
New York Times Bestselling Author, Presdident & Co-founder IHHP, Speaker
Erica Keswin
Bestselling Author, Workplace Strategist & Co-Founder The Spaghetti Project
Robert Cooper
Neuroscientist, Thought Leader, Speaker and New York Times Bestselling Author
Nora Aufreiter
Senior Partner at MiKinsey & Company - Getting on Board Expert
Dave Wilkin
Founder at 10kCoffees
Leanne Nicolle
President and CEO at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto
Tomi Poutanen
Co-Founder Layer 6 - Hiring LM PhDs

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